Testimonial Yoga

Yoga Moves is a vibrant and successful studio operating from Shenton Park.

The business has operated for 18 years, but has expanded rapidly since acquiring studio space seven years ago.

In addition to its yoga classes, Yoga Moves offers meditation, retreats, workshops and, in recent times, has added a meditation school and Feldenkrais training to its offerings.

Business proprietor Sara Elderfield has this to say of her involvement with Blackwood Partners:

“Over the years I have tried various book-keepers and accounting systems, but never felt like I had more than an intuitive sense of where I was financially. It is now a year since I started working with Blackwood Partners and a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

We began by reviewing my previous accounting practices and identifying where the problems were, prioritised them in order of importance, and worked our way through them one by one. Along the way this meant upgrading my software and technology and streamlining all of my systems, from accepting payments through to paperless record keeping. The timing of all changes has been graduated systematically, which has kept the long-term, bigger picture for me personally and professionally in mind.

All the interactions that I have had with the staff at Blackwood have been timely, consistent, ethical and cognisant of the vagaries of a business that is not generally considered to be mainstream, but in reality is still a business.

Blackwood has helped me to consolidate the growth and changes of the last three years and make them manageable for me to oversee, without losing touch with the part that I love, which is teaching.

I now have a clear sense of where I am financially and a clear basis on which to plan the future.”

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