Testimonial Kentin

Kentin Engineering is a family-owned business, which has been growing progressively since its inception in South Africa in 1986.

In 1999 Kentin Engineering Australia was formed in Perth, Western Australia, where it now proudly operates as a Western Australian-owned company in Malaga.

From relatively humble beginnings, Kentin Engineering now boasts a large workshop containing many conventional engineering machines, as well as the more sophisticated computer numerical control (CNC) machines. Computers play an integral role in operating the CNC machines precisely.

Its state-of-the-art workshop enables Kentin Engineering to provide a fast and reliable service to all industries, including mining, oil and gas.

Kentin Engineering Australia director Ken Austin with one of the replica locomotives.

Kentin Engineering Australia director Ken Austin offers the following comments on his experience of working with Blackwood Partners:

“Blackwood Partners is always readily available to assist us with resolving the day-to-day issues we have with our business.

They have also been proactive with the larger issues and were recently instrumental in guiding us through a complex restructure.

With their attention to detail and regular programs, we feel comfortable and confident that our compliance and business issues are being well managed.”

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