Testimonial Bike

Bike Fix Mobile Pty Ltd Managing Director Bill Gordin has been associated with the cycling industry for longer than he cares to remember.

Bill initially commenced with Bike Forece Australia in 1991 when two stores began trading in Subiaco and Woodvale; The group then developed into the largest bicycle retailing operation in Australia, boasting 20 stores Australia-wide.

Bill is now heading up an exciting new franchise Bike Fix Mobile Pty Ltd.

Bike Fix Mobile Pty Ltd Managing Director Bill Gordin reflects on the impact that Blackwood Partners has had on his business:

“From the outset, Blackwood Partners recommended improvements to our accounting and retail management systems and then showed us how we could implement them on a standardised basis across our group.

These days our own financial acumen has improved dramatically, but we still rely on Blackwood Partners for those day-to-day issues that exceed our capabilities.

Perhaps the most significant impact Blackwood Partners has made on our business has been through their strategic business advice. They showed us what we were capable of and then showed us how to set about achieving it.”

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