“From the outset, Blackwood Partners recommended improvements to our accounting and retail management systems and then showed us how we could implement them on a standardised basis across our group.

These days our own financial acumen has improved dramatically, but we still rely on Blackwood Partners for those day-to-day issues that exceed our capabilities.

Perhaps the most significant impact Blackwood Partners has made on our business has been through their strategic business advice. They showed us what we were capable of and then showed us how to set about achieving it.”

Bill Gordin

Managing Director

Bike Fix Mobile Pty Ltd

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"Over the years I have tried various book-keepers and accounting systems, but never felt like I had more than an intuitive sense of where I was financially. It is now a year since I started working with Blackwood Partners and a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

We began by reviewing my previous accounting practices and identifying where the problems were, prioritised them in order of importance, and worked our way through them one by one. Along the way this meant upgrading my software and technology and streamlining all of my systems, from accepting payments through to paperless record keeping. The timing of all changes has been graduated systematically, which has kept the long-term, bigger picture for me personally and professionally in mind."

Sara Elderfield

Business proprietor

Yoga Moves

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"Blackwood Partners is always readily available to assist us with resolving the day-to-day issues we have with our business.

They have also been proactive with the larger issues and were recently instrumental in guiding us through a complex restructure.

With their attention to detail and regular programs, we feel comfortable and confident that our compliance and business issues are being well managed."

Ken Austin

Australia Director

Kentin Engineering

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