Tax Advice That Makes a Difference

As compliance experts, Blackwood Partners can provide advice on specific and complex taxation issues.

What makes us stand out is our proactive approach in discussing tax-saving ideas that can bring long-term impacts on your business. Beyond helping you stay compliant, our team is ready to go the extra mile and reduce your tax expenses through careful tax planning.

Evaluating Your Business Structure

Having the right business structure in place is fundamental to sound, long-term tax planning.

Blackwood Partners focuses on structuring your business in such a way that it can survive over a long period and in the face of changes in tax regimes and family situations. By having a robust business structure, you will also be able to understand your annual position and minimise tax-time surprises.

While it is important that your business structure is right from the start, we can also offer options for change when the business structure is no longer appropriate. With our good grasp of the various concessions relating to income tax, capital gains tax, and state government duties which may apply to your business when a change is required, Blackwoods Partners can guide you accordingly.

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