Business Management

Business Consulting

One of Blackwood Partners’ fundamental objectives is to enable you to manage your businesses better.

In addition to attending to regular compliance matters, we can assist you with specific management processes, including measuring and comparing performance and financial forecasting.

We can help you develop a clear strategic direction for your business.

The cornerstone of this planning is producing financial projections that:

  • model the operations of your business
  • compare the trading results against past performance
  • project likely future performance
  • analyse the current and potential performance of your business

When combined with accurate, current information, this process enables you to track progress and compare your expectations for your business against actual performance.

This approach allows you to understand what drives your business and to put in place measures for improvement.

Finance support

With financial institutions placing more stringent requirements on their customers, the timely and well-managed delivery of clear and concise information has become even more critical. We liaise with financial institutions on your behalf in relation to financial arrangements, including the preparation of finance applications, supporting financial information and regular reporting.

Business acceleration

Having prepared business forecasts, we can work with you on improving your business.

We can do this by:

  • analysing your past business performance
  • identifying the key performance indicators for your business
  • identifying and analysing business issues important for your business
  • forecasting the impact of alternative business scenarios
  • identifying how you can improve

Once the analysis is complete, we will work together with you to:

  • identify potential areas for improvement
  • initiate a clear action plan
  • measure the impact of the changes you implement

Business mentoring

Simply put, business mentoring is akin to coaching. It is a consulting role carried out by Blackwood Partners’ most experienced people, who have significant experience in resolving the kinds of issues you may be facing.

Our business mentors will work closely with you, enabling you to make the changes required for your business to flourish.

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